Our Mission


Yokottah's mission is to nurture the wandering souls of drifters and dwellers alike by offering goods and accessories inspired by the enigmatic bliss attained from spending time outdoors.

We strive to inspirit a reconnection with the outdoors by providing you with quality products to help you both get out for some spontaneous wilderness exploring and bring some of that wildness home with you to your everyday life.

At Yokottah, we understand that with every purchase, we cast a vote. Even with immense initiatives and progressive production efforts, there is no way to reverse the impact we’re having on our shared natural resources. Every product we buy has a footprint. With every purchase, we cast our vote for our home, planet Earth. The measures are against us, but we are persistent. We are committed to doing business better.

We’re consistently working on the symbiosis of our values and optimism for the future amidst our needs of today. Here at Yokottah, we value practice over perfection and we support brands that make the best decisions to do better for our planet and are transparent in those efforts. Some things we like to focus on include:

☉ Fair trade
☉ Sustainable production
☉ Organic and compostable material
☉ Social good
☉ Repair services
☉ Slow fashion
☉ Giveback program
☉ Functional and aesthetic designs
☉ Artisan products
☉ Lifetime warranty

All pieces are hatched to inspire you to experience regular doses of Yokottah, so that wherever you may be, you're reminded of how it feels to gaze at the sunrise through your cozy tent while listening to the birds sing their songs.

Yokottah /ˈyohˈkōtə/ n. 1 the bliss felt whilst hearing singing birds at sunrise. v, to act upon the craving of being outdoors. Etymology: Swedish; Gökotta